Chinese Peony Garden in Lazio, Italy

If you adore beautiful flowers, trees and calming scenery, this is for you. Admire this incredible and unique collection – the only one of its kind in the world – of all the species and varieties of Chinese peonies.

During the springtime {April, May}, the cherry blossoms are also in full bloom. This magical perfumed botanical “garden-of-Eden” is home to laurels, cypresses and holm oaks, and other rare and autochthonous plants, set in the stunning Monti Cimini: densely wooded volcanic hills.

If you’re visiting Rome, or staying in north Lazio – such as the Bolsena Lake area – and you love flowers, be sure to include this in your holiday plans. You might want to drive there yourself or treat yourself to a private driving tour and include other places too.LAZ ESC blog post pic1 680 width The botanical garden expands over 15 hectares and is home to the largest collection of tree and herbaceous peonies – an incredible 200,000 plants in all, including plants from the most beautiful and rare Rockii species which grow on the high plains in Tibet. Peonies appear fragile and delicate but actually the Tibetan peony can withstand extreme temperatures, even as low as -20°C.
Tree peonies grow into the shape of low bushes. They grow new buds each Spring and lose their leaves in the Winter, and can live for 100 year or longer.LAZ ESC blog header and post photo 680 widthThere is a lovely cafe inside the grounds of the botanical garden with indoor and outdoor seating and the most amazing food. You can purchase peonies at the kiosk (which is also where you pay the entrance fee of €3, and at Ethimo (a garden furniture store further down the road) you can purchase cosmetic products made with peonies. Prices for peony plants start from as little as €20 but can go up €150 depending on the age and species of the plant. Some of the smaller growing species are suitable for small gardens whereas others need more room.

For opening times and further info: Centro Botanico Moutan


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