Christmas out of Rome – Vetralla & Sutri.

If you’re going to be in Rome or in Viterbo late November or December you might fancy a little Christmas cheer. In the countryside to the north of Rome (and the south of Viterbo), travelling approximately 90 minutes through outlying towns and villages you notice a much more festive atmosphere with the pretty village lights and the smell of wood smoke from medieval chimneys filling the air. 

All of these places can all be reached in the same day if you have you own vehicle, or by train from Rome (St. Peter’s or Valle Aurelia train stations) up to Viterbo and then by taxi. By car you can reach Santa’s Christmas Kingdom just outside of Vetralla, where children can write a letter to Santa, meet some of the elves, eat cotton candy and maybe even sit on Santa’s knee, visit the grottoes full of Christmas decorations and gifts. The quality is good and the atmosphere very Christmassy. There are a few stalls where you can try and buy from one of the territories hazelnut & chocolate factories, who make special edition chocolates for Christmas. Free entry.

Then, not to be missed would be the magical Christmas Village & Nativity 23 November – 6 January 2020, which for the past couple of years has been held in Viterbo but this year – after a last minute change – will be in the Etruscan-Roman town of Sutri. The nativity has been hailed as the largest in the world, so we hope that this will still be true this year. There are many attractions for all ages and in particular for the parents you can try the delicious vin brulé (warm spiced red wine) and purchase food and snacks from various wooden kiosks or take something home from one of the local artisan craft stalls. Tickets required but no time limit as to how long you want to stay (you can pay in cash upon arrival). On account of the time of year we suggest a hearty lunch in one of the surrounding towns – you’re certain not to be disappointed.​

Il Regno di Babbo Natale (Santa’s Christmas Kingdom), S.S. Cassia Km 62.200

Other info may be added as things develop!

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