Best Beach Destinations from Rome

Over 300 km of coastline (including the islands) offer the holidaymaker or day-tripper, varied natural landscapes, full of history, in an explosion of intoxicating Mediterranean charm. Lazio’s beaches have different characteristics but are all beautiful and many are awarded for their water quality and services offered, and well worth a stop on your journey.

One of the nicest day trips you could take in the Summer would be one where you don’t have to think of anything, but let someone else do that for you. Laran Tours of Lazio provides such a service for its private members, on hand at all times to ensure you have the most relaxing time possible at a choice of several of the region’s top beach destinations.

Beaches are chosen for the softest sand, the prettiest coves, local facilities, safe swimming and extremely clean sea, at 90 minutes-2 hours drive from Rome. And whether you want to fit in some culture and sightseeing, shopping, or simply spend the entire time at the beach – with a private tour you get to decide.

Imagine swimming and sunbathing at the same spots as ancient Roman emperors, travelling along the same routes and eating the same fresh seafood – well worth a splurge!

Beach clubs usually re-open for the Summer season from May, and close at the end of September.

Cleanest beaches for 2017 are:


  • Latina – Latina Mare
  • Sperlonga – Ponente/Lagolungo, Bazzano /Levante
  • Gaeta – Arenauta, Ariana, Sant‘Agostino, Serapo
  • San Felice Circeo – Litorale
  • Sabaudia – Lungomare
  • Ventotene – Cala Nave (Pontine Islands)
  • Terracina – Levante, Ponente
  • Anzio – Riviera Levante, Riviera Ponente/Colonia/Bella Rosa/Lido dei Gigli/Lido dei Pini/Lido di Lavinio/Mare Chiaro/Tor Caldara

Data taken from the Bandiera Blu website.

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