Caffè & Cappuccino

Here are cafe-bars around the Lazio region that serve my favourite Italian coffee brands, and/or have a nice atmosphere or something attractive about them – in no particular order other than by province… And not to be confused by the word ‘bar’ since cafe-bars in Italy also sell alcoholic beverages.

Pull up a chair & relax!



  • Bar Rio Vicano, Ronciglione/Lake Vico.
  • Bar Vico Matrino, Vico Matrino/Lake Vico (a tiny place near a countryside train crossing, serves Fida coffee).
  • Cafe 23, Civita Castellana (opposite Forte Sangallo, serves Fida coffee).
  • Quinzimoto Cafe, on the outskirts of Viterbo (serves Illy coffee and hires out Ducati motorbikes daily, weekends or weekly, they also stock a heavenly dessert called Tusciamisu).
  • BuBaCa, central Viterbo (for burgers, American pastries, coffee).
  • Fida, Marta (home of Fida coffee – buy directly here at their headquarters & shop).
  • Il Caffè di Palazzo Frigo, Montefiascone (I can’t recall which coffee they serve but I like the decor and the pastries).
  • Bar Moderno, Vignanello (panoramic view, outdoor seating and right next to a castle).
  • Bar Centrale, Vasanello (serves Illy coffee, has a nice loo and overlooks a small castle and an attractive piazza).
  • Hot Shot Bar, Vitorchiano (serves Vulsinia coffee, named after the nearby mountains and volcanic complex).


  • Vallelunga Park Hotel, Campagnano di Rome (serving Fisichella coffee, surrounded by racing memorabilia and a view of the racing circuit).
  • Gran Caffè Principe di Napoli, Bracciano (love their rum baba).
  • La Vela, Trevignano Romano/Lake Bracciano (love the position…soooo relaxing gazing out onto the lake from the bar’s small pier).
  • Harley Caffè, Le Rughe/Formello.
  • Il Rifugio degli Elfi, Cerveteri old town (nice to sit outside under the sun umbrellas).
  • Ostia Antica Archaeological Site Cafè (serves Paranà coffee).


  • Caffè Cleri, Rieti town.
  • Faraglia, Viale Matteucci, Rieti town.


  • Spallaforte, Anagni (this is a delicatessen as well as a cafè).
  • Papà Rossi, Piazza S. Restituta, Sora (nice outdoor seating on a large square).
  • Antica Pasticceria Di Tullio, Alvito (famous for its production of torrone, great views over the valley).


  • Egidio Gran Caffe, near San Donato on Via Pontina (serving another favourite: Caffè Vergnano).
  • C1 Cafe Sea Roof at the quayside, San Felice Circeo.


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